Built And Bred For Brazil

Brazilian vibrancy is captured in the Nissan EXTREM, a radical concept car aimed squarely at the young-and young-at-heart-keen to make a statement on the road. With raised ground clearance, muscular fenders, and overlapping panels that make it look like it's clad in resilient armor, EXTREM exudes strength and agility. The result is exotic and distinctive-an introduction to a whole new breed of cars.

Full of Pleasant Surprises

Quality craftsmanship can be found all around this tough little street fighter. Large, six-spoke 19-inch alloy wheels are double layered with a dark inner, and brushed metal outer finish. Their turbine shape even helps cool the brakes. Door handles are flush-mounted, and both headlights and taillights feature advanced LED technology.

Ready To Brighten Up Your Day

The exclusive body color-a deep metallic orange with radiant highlights-pays homage to the passion and nature of Brazil. Bright neon accents on the gas cap, tow hook, and wheels provide an extra pop of color, emphasizing Extrem's energetic, urban rally car spirit.


Fresh Design

The combination of wraparound glass and unique see-through-pillars gives the Extrem driver an exceptional view of the road ahead. A sharply sloped roof-accented with iconic Brazilian graphics-suggests a sporting nature. And to show that Extrem also has a practical side, the roof rails come with cleats for load carrying.

Cargo Space

This compact four seater comes with luggage space, accessible from the hatch. A clever two-tier system hides your valuables from prying eyes beneath a removable cargo bin.


The 'Winged' Compact Hatchback

Dynamic Design

The Nissan INVITATION's energetic design brings style, innovation, and excitement to the mainstream market. The concept's aerodynamic silhouette hints at a dynamic potential, and enhanced efficiency. Up front, attractive, angular LED headlights lead the way. A sculpted hood and distinctive side character lines create the appearance of front and rear wings-giving the compact hatchback a playful and confident stance.


Glass Panel Moonroof

INVITATION was conceived as a fun, reliable, and affordable compact. But that doesn't mean we skimped on style. A huge, one-piece panoramic glass roof floods the cabin with light, and makes it possible to go star-gazing in very comfortable surroundings.


Efficient Interior Space

True to its name, INVITATION offers a comfortable, modern, and inviting interior. Despite overall compact dimensions, a clever design ensures plenty of legroom and headroom. A refreshingly open glass panel ceiling-and white cloth seats accentuated with cheerful orange trim-heighten the feeling of space.


Class-leading Performance and Efficiency

The combination of advanced engine technology, a lightweight platform, and an aerodynamic body means that INVITATION is built to achieve class-leading fuel economy, and ultra-low levels of CO2 emissions. INVITATION also boasts responsive and agile handling, making this concept fit to compete with the segments's top performers.


Advanced Technology

INVITATION packs some of the most advanced technology ever seen in the small car segment. An Around View® Monitor (AVM) [*] uses four discreetly-mounted cameras to create a virtual 360° image of the hatchback from above. Those images are then displayed on the center console monitor for stress-free parking and reversing. INVITATION also incorporates Nissan Safety Shield Technologies, which promote driver awareness, and help detect possible road hazards.


The Future Of Crossover

The Nissan Hi-Cross Concept is powered by an ultra fuel-efficient, hybrid drivetrain. It's compact, yet surprisingly roomy. And with dramatic and athletic good looks, It's also "Hi" on style. Up front, a V-shaped grille is framed by distinctive, deeply tapered LED headlights. A curved hood, flared fenders, and a bold character line-extending down a high-waisted body-give the Hi-Cross a tall, and muscular stance.


The Hi-Cross comes with huge, aggressive-looking 10-spoke 21" alloy wheels. It's also got eye-catching fog lights that have been seamlessly integrated into the front bumper.

Polished, Front-to-Back

The back of the Hi-Cross is set off by a sculpted hatch, an extended rear roof spoiler, and trapezoid-shaped LED taillights that echo the stylish, front headlight design.


Despite its compact exterior, the Hi-Cross is roomy inside-with three rows of seating for seven. To achieve this, we simply pushed the wheels out further and installed a smaller HEV drivetrain to make more room for people. Then, we designed a vibrant white leather interior and added a one-piece fixed glass ceiling to give the cabin a feeling of openness. Black and white two-tone door panels, and a matching steering wheel complete the modern look.

Comfort and Cargo

The Hi-Cross interior features deep, wide front bucket seats, ample headroom, and 2nd- and 3rd-row benches that fold flat to create tons of versatile cargo space.

Designed to a T

A T-wing shaped dashboard houses a Fine Vision multi-dimensional gauge cluster, and a cool looking, futuristic display panel. The sculpted center console completes the 'T' shape.


Advanced Hybrid Drivetrain

Hi-Cross is powered by a hybrid drivetrain, coupling a 2.0-liter gas engine with an electric motor. Together, they provide the power expected from a larger 2.5-liter engine, and the economy and reduced emissions of a much smaller unit. The fast-charging, compact lithium-ion battery that powers the electric motor makes use of the same battery technology developed for the award-winning Nissan LEAF®.

One Motor, Two Clutch Technology

The concept's hybrid drivetrain adopts Nissan's new 'one motor, two clutch' technology. The first clutch allows the gas engine to be turned off when the Hi-Cross is in electric mode, and the second clutch helps smooth that transition. This advanced system boosts the electric motor's efficiency, and allows braking energy to be recycled back into the power supply.


The Future Is Coming Fast

Dramatic Style

A brief glance at the ESFLOW is all it takes to tell you what kind of car it is. A long hood leads into a sharply angled, wraparound windshield. A compact cabin places the occupants right above the car's centre of gravity. Wheel wells sweep over ultra-low profile performance tires, and discreet rearview cameras replace outside mirrors. ESFLOW is unmistakably a sports car.


Meet The Future of Sports Cars

This is the ESFLOW Concept. It's inspired by the design of the legendary Z®, the breathtaking performance of the GT-R®, and the remarkable innovations that drive Nissan LEAF®. ESFLOW is our first 100% electric, no gas, high-performance, sports car.


Luxurious Two-seater Cabin

With clean lines and a minimalist design, the ESFLOW oozes luxury. The cabin is upholstered in rich blue and gold leather and suede.The dashboard features four multifunction illuminated LCD displays. Fly-by-wire steering and pedals adjust electronically to suit each individual driver's size, and preferred driving position.


Zero Emission Sports Car

Power for the motors comes from the same lithium-ion battery packs used in the Nissan LEAF®. In ESFLOW, the packs are located along the axis of the front and rear wheels, centralizing the car's mass. These cleverly positioned batteries enable the car to travel over 150 miles on a single charge. When you do need to recharge, you'll find the charging plug-in built into the air ducts beneath the ESFLOW's blue LED front lights-like a well-kept secret.


Double Motor, Rear-wheel Drive Powertrain

ESFLOW gets enough torque to reach 62 miles per hour in under 5 seconds. This massive power comes from twin electric motors, strategically located just behind the seats-above the rear axis-for maximum performance. These two motors independently control the left and right wheels, ensuring outstanding vehicle stability and control, plus efficient power regeneration.


Aluminium Chassis

A head turning, composite body covers a sturdy aluminium chassis. ESFLOW's classic sports car lines allow strong, yet unobtrusive roll bars to safely take the entire load of the car in the unlikely event of a rollover. Since there's no need for thick, reinforced pillars, a dramatic wraparound windshield gives the driver an unobstructed view of the road ahead.


The Sedan Re-Emagined

Simple, Yet Provocatively Modern

Ellure is the evolution of luxury sedans. It boasts a smooth exterior form, and serious elements of efficiency. A low front bumper fascia, small front grille openings, and a full underbody pan direct wind over and under the body, improving aerodynamics. Ellure also features small, moulded rearview cameras rather than side mirrors, and 21-inch 5-spoke alloy wheels mounted with low-rolling resistance tires. Speaking of the wheels, they've been pushed out to the corners, creating a powerful stance, and a roomy interior.

Fine Craftsmanship

Beauty is in the details, and you'll find plenty in Ellure. The chrome-accented front grille combines brushed edges and polished surfaces to create a jewel-like effect. Boomerang-shaped LED lights feature an inner layering design, inspired by the graceful fins of a fish.

Glass Panel Roof

Not only does the full pannel glass roof let more light in-making the interior feel extra spacious-it's also embedded with special red mood lighting, for a fun day-to-night transition.


Taking cues from classic 1930s styling, unique front and rear doors open to face each other-at a 90-degree angle-revealing a fluid, versatile interior. Not only do these doors scream 'sophisticated and cool', they also make it easier than ever to get in and out of the vehicle.


Ellure features an energetic red, white, and black interior that expresses both sustainable design qualities, and a sense of passion. The white leather dashboard has been tanned in an eco-friendly, chromium-free process. The seats are upholstered in black suede made out of 100% recycled fibers. Elegant floating headrests add a touch of style, and transparent red acrylic on the seatback panels produce an unexpected, molten lava effect. Inviting by day, Ellure™ comes alive at night with recessed lighting that creates a lounge-like ambiance.


Front-wheel Drive Hybrid Fusing Performance with Sustainability

A supercharged 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine is paired with a 25 kW electric motor and an advanced lithium-ion battery, to deliver an impressive 273 horsepower. When Ellure is in electric mode, an Intelligent Dual Clutch Control system allows the gas engine to be turned off completely, and braking energy to be recycled back into the power supply. To ensure a dynamic driving experience, Ellure is also equipped with a smooth-shifting Xtronic CVT®, an independent suspension, and an advanced drive-by-wire electro-hydraulic steering system.


THE cube® Goes Electric

The Denki Cube Concept was created from a well-defined canvas: the current-generation Nissan cube®. The iconic cube ® is the antithesis of traditional automotive style. Yet it's also functional, and undeniably charming. To this solid foundation, the Denki Cube adds a new electric powertrain, and fresh styling cues like unique 16-inch wheel covers, new outside mirrors, and special side graphics.

Amped Up

'Denki' is Japanese for 'electric', so it only seems fitting that the Denki Cube feature an "electric themed" front end design. Lightning bolt cut outs adorn the front grille, and the headlights-surrounded by small LEDs-are emphasized by a blue electrical charge effect. The AC charging port is also located on the front grille, discreetly concealed behind the Nissan emblem.

Design You Can Get Behind

In the rear, the Denki Cube Concept retains the production version's signature asymmetrical wraparound glass window, while the bumper gets a style transformation. Rainbow-hued taillights are framed behind a series of dice patterned fives-a motif that's also used for the turn signal lights, and carried throughout the interior.

Room For The Gang

The Denki Cube is designed as a moving, social hub. Inside, both rows of seats are upholstered in a bright, welcoming yellow, and offset with light grey and white accents. The wheelbase has been stretched 9.4 inches, to make room for the battery pack, creating plenty of legroom as a result. A large glass roof panel-with a a retro geometric pattern-further adds to the interior's feeling of wide-open space.

Interior Tech

Behind the Denki Cube's bold, new steering wheel, a futuristic LCD panel replaces the traditional gauge cluster. The computer graphic-style display includes controls for the car's entertainment, navigation, and climate systems.

Battery Powered Motor

The biggest change between the cube® and the Denki Cube is one that isn't visible: the replacement of the standard 1.3-liter gas engine with a 100% electric motor. Laminated lithium-ion batteries-located under the floor and seats-mean zero tailpipe emissions, and no more gas fill ups.  

Nissan's Advanced Battery Technology

Just like the one found in the award-winning Nissan LEAF®, the compact battery used in the Denki Cube Concept weighs half as much as the conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries used in hybrids, and provides twice as much power.