Nissan 370z Coupe

Meet The 2020 Nissan 370z Coupe

Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities. Be ready with a truck built to tackle whatever comes your way. With a 390 HP Endurance V8. Up to 1,610 lbs. of payload. And up to 9,220 lbs. of maximum towing capacity. Along with the brawn, you've got brains, like an incredibly capable truck bed, advanced technology that redefines towing, and comfort and convenience that makes this one premium ride. The new 2020 Nissan Titan. 24/7 it's always on duty.


It's a living legend. With the emphasis on living. The iconic lines, low center of gravity, wide track, and short wheelbase give it that unmistakable, instantly recognizable profile. Designed to conquer corners, the Nissan 370Z starts with a low centre of gravity and a short wheelbase, for quick response. Bring it all together with an enthusiast's wish list or high-performance componentry, and you'll find pure joy as the 370Z elevates handling science into pure performance art.


The 370Z® employs a three-layer design philosophy that makes you feel completely connected the instant you sit down. From the Information Layer, you see everything at a glance: the windshield pillar has been minimized to improve outward vision, an oval steering wheel with large gauges enhances viewing, and gauges that adjust with the steering column are always easy to see.


iPod® Integration
Plug your iPod® into the standard USB input and you can control its functions through the audio system or touch-screen monitor, plus get song readouts on the digital display. You can also play digital music files from a USB flash drive or other compatible storage device-and even watch movies on the LCD screen while your 370Z® is parked.

SiriusXM Traffic
Navigate through congested areas easier with the available touch-screen, voice-activated Nissan Hard Drive Navigation System. Its advanced SiriusXM Traffic feature displays colour-coded, real-time traffic advisories to help you steer clear of the gridlock.

Bose® Audio System (Available)
Because even the most dedicated enthusiast might want to listen to something other than the dual-exhaust, the 370Z® features an available Bose® audio system that is custom-engineered for the unique shape of its interior. And since it's also capable of playing MP3/WMA CDs and receiving SiriusXM Satellite Radio , you can have the perfect soundtrack for any driving adventure.

RearView Monitor
The available RearView Monitor uses a discreet colour camera on the back of your vehicle to help you see what's directly behind you via the Information Center monitor. On-screen guidelines move along with steering input.

Nissan Intelligent Key®
Never take your keys out of your pocket or bag again. Nissan Intelligent Key® with Push Button Ignition is so intuitive, it senses your approach to the car and allows you to unlock the door by just tapping a button on the handle. Once inside, start the engine without ever putting a key in the ignition.


The 370Z® is powered by a 332-horsepower, 3.7-litre V6. The engine features Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL®) technology that continuously tunes valve timing for quicker response and optimal fuel efficiency. All this engineering may sound intriguing on paper, but the exhilaration from idle to the 7,500-rpm redline is pure magic.


SynchroRev Match® Manual TransmissionSynchroRev technology monitors the clutch, shift lever, and vehicle speed so that when you downshift, the system "blips" the throttle to the ideal engine rpm for a supremely smooth downshift. It also works when upshifting to give you seamless acceleration. If you want more traditional performance, you can turn the system off with the touch of a button.

An available 7-speed automatic transmission gives you the best of a manual and an automatic-a wide spread of gearing for heart-pounding acceleration, while still providing improved efficiency and quiet cruising at higher speeds.

2020 370z® Sport

Handling & Brakes
A low center of gravity and a wide stance give it ultra-responsive handling and enhanced cornering. The relatively short wheelbase and overall length of the 370Z® make for incredible manoeuverability. But you still need to stop, so the 370Z® Sport comes equipped with 14" front rotors and the gripping power of 4-piston front calipers..

All 370Z® models feature zero front lift. If you're after even more performance, go with the Sport Package. It includes a lower front chin aero deflector and rear spoiler for zero rear lift.

Smart Engineering
To harness all 332 hp, our engineers improved the design and material composites for key rotating components. The 19" RAYS® forged alloy wheels are stronger and lighter than typical cast wheels. And the reduced-rotating mass on the lighter, incredibly strong carbon-fibre composite driveshaft helps the engine rev more quickly.


Like every Nissan vehicle, the 370Z® comes equipped with a suite of standard safety, driving, and convenience features designed to inspire confidence behind the wheel, and help make every ride better, safer, and more enjoyable.