Nissan Pre-Owned Plan Overview

As you know, a pre-owned vehicle from your Nissan dealer comes with a world-class reputation for enduring quality and performance. At Nissan, we understand the importance you place on peace of mind. After all, that’s why you’re considering purchasing or leasing a pre-owned Nissan.


Nissan has a range of Plans all designed with one single goal: your peace of mind. Each Plan offers all the benefits outlined above, as well as a choice of terms and component coverage – there’s one just right for your needs. Whichever Plan you choose, you will enjoy carefree motoring with benefits that you will really value, while appreciating the highest level of Nissan service and commitment to your pre-owned vehicle.


Our Plans feature an unprecedented range of benefits that are included in the cost of the Plan you choose. This represents exceptional value as these outstanding benefits are in addition to our superior range of components coverage that will enhance your driving experience, as well as help you with surprises down the road.

In the event the unexpected does occur, our superior used vehicle extended service Plans are designed to offer you protection from mechanical failure on a range of critical components. Depending on the Plan you choose, you can protect yourself from repair bills on most of your vehicle’s key system components, and in the case of our Platinum Plus Plan, your first four oil changes are included.

The benefits we offer with our Plans add up to extraordinary value even if you never have a component claim. Your dealer can provide you with a complete description of the benefits; however, here is an ‘at a glance’ overview of the many benefits you will value with a Nissan Peace of Mind Added Security Plan.


Choosing a Nissan Added Security Plan at the time of your purchase or lease helps preserve your investment and protects you from the rising costs of vehicle repairs. After all, proper service is essential to the long-term health of your pre-owned vehicle, and it guarantees a higher resale value. And naturally, you can rest assured we only use original Nissan parts, installed by factory-trained technicians. Now that’s peace of mind.

By the way, your Added Security Plan will enhance the resale value of your Nissan vehicle, since it is transferable, and unlike many other car manufacturers, we make the transferring procedure simple and carefree. All that’s required is a mechanical inspection and oil change at your Nissan dealer at the time of transfer.


Your Responsibility

As an extended service Plan holder, you will maintain your vehicle in good operating condition and working order, properly serviced and will make all necessary repairs and replacements to the vehicle using the maintenance program prescribed by the manufacturer. Maintenance services due to natural wear and tear are the responsibility of the Plan holder.

Normal maintenance services are not covered, such as but not limited to: adjustment, alignment, batteries, belts, brake pads and shoes, brake rotors and drums, distributor caps, rotors, filters (all), headlight aiming, high tension wires, spark plugs, timing belt, tune-up, wheel alignment & balancing and wiper blades.

What is not Covered

Items not specifically mentioned in the covered components list are not covered, such as but not limited to: airbag system, antenna (manual/power), axle boots, bulbs (all), clutch release bearing, clutch lining and cover, complete exhaust system, coolant or oil caps, coolant drain plugs, dust covers, fuses, harnesses, hoses, seat frames, shocks and struts, steering wheel trim and stoppers (steering, suspension).

See your Dealer for Complete Details

The information listed on this web site is intended for use as an outline of the Plans available. See Dealer for detailed information. Coverage is based on information available at time of printing and is subject to change without notice.